The New Masters of Spirituality
Volume 1
11 Rising Spiritual Leaders

A Wonderful Series of Digital Interviews
On the Journey of the Spiritual Self

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"Life Lessons From The Masters"

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Your Spirit Comes First
(Then Everything Else Falls Into Place)

Remember the game of musical chairs? Doesn't it seem as though the times we are living in are like that - where you move faster and faster for fewer and fewer rewards? In some ways that is happening all over the planet. But there is a reason and a way through it. These 11 men and women found their spiritual essence. Then everything changed for them.

What questions would you like to ask a Spiritual Master?


If you could talk to the new spiritual masters just beginning emerging in the world, what would you most want to know?

If you could peek into the thinking process of these thought leaders, what ideas would you find?

If you knew what was coming into the next wave of Spirituality rolling into our consciousness, wouldn't it be enormously helpful? Wouldn't it feel wonderful knowing what messages these new spiritual masters are bringing in for us all?

You are now ready to receive these new enlightened messages poised to be delivered to humanity! They will give you profound words of spiritual encouragement.


I'm Terri Marie of producer of 30 documentaries and author of "Your Inner Cheerleader," and "The Dottie Walters Story." I encountered such masters and was given the rare opportunity to interview 11 of them. I felt it would be of great universal importance to get recordings of these amazing spiritual heroes. It was at an important gathering of spiritual leaders called "The Power of Spirituality."

The intent was to bring together new spiritual leaders ready to deliver their spiritual gifts to the planet. It was held by John Harricharan, a legend in the spiritual world. It was time for these spiritual leaders to connect with each other and form a powerful, spiritual mastermind. This would really get the work of these women and men out to ignite the world in profound ways. It has already begun.

    John Harricharan
    Rick Beneteau
    Susan Barbara Apollon
    Josh Hinds
    Bill Carter
    Robert "Butch" James
    Jon Benson
    Constance Eykman
    Mike Hill
    Robert Evans
    Dr. Katrin Edelmann
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Can It Be Easier To Reach
Spiritual Mastery Today?

These are very unique times. There has to be new ways to hear and head the call of the spirit. It is different in each one of us. So how will you know what to do? When you hear how and what these leading edge influencers are doing, you will get ideas and insights on how you too, may uncover and unleash your own spiritual brilliance.

Listen to how these New Masters uncovered their spiritual paths. You too, can learn how to uncover your own unique journey and live in the full promise and power of your own spiritual path, the one tuned to your destiny.

We Each Were Given A Big and Exquisitely Unique Gift
Something Special For Every One of Us to Deliver, Including You

There is immense wisdom contained in these interviews. Messages of vast spiritual power that these new masters are anxious to give you. Learn how these masters made their spiritual leaps ranging in areas from fitness, art, and peace, to those with access to the deepest levels of clear understanding of our consciousness.

Get The Spiritual Wisdom You've Been Searching For

These brilliant, new spiritual masters are out in the world doing the work we need right now. They are not hiding themselves away.

The greatest spiritual masters are working among us, changing the world, lighting up souls.

Is it time for your soul to light up too? What idea are you meant to receive from these masters? Each one in some way has mastered their spiritual essence. You can too. Listen to these new spiritual masters and receive your special message - the one you were destined to hear. The message that will help you fulfill your own destiny. It is time for you to become a master of spirituality.

Step Up to the Spiritual Plate
We Need Your Home Run

These ADVANCED SPIRITUAL THOUGHT LEADERS provide you with very practical spiritual advice NOW. Advice that you can use to improve your life. The interviews contain powerful information beyond the confines of time as we know it.

It is from a spiritual perpective that our decisions must be made now.

The Old Ways Do Not Work Anymore

Working harder and harder will no longer work

Forcing and control will no longer work

Even sometimes planning will no longer work

What will work? Find Out Now

"Loss creates a vacuum into which
something greater always flows."

Rick Beneteau

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The New Spiritual Masters are far different than what you might imagine:

A Fitness Guru
A Real Guru
A Healer
An Internet Marketer
An Internet Visionary
A Former Secret Service Agent

One of them is a fitness guru. How does that help with the spiritual path? You will see from a "Universal Eye" perspective just how powerful, spiritual and life-honoring his gift to the world is.

A noted European Psychologist tells how to stop the cycle of abuse by starting with families, >with words, and with profound new beliefs.

Another master starts with a small simple act. He puts the grace of positive emotions circulating again in the world.

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Learn how to merge with your own unique spiritual path

Open Yourself to a Miracle...
Listen To New Spiritual Master Susan Apollon Listen - click here

Open to a Higher Power...
Listen to New Spiritual Master Josh Hinds Listen - click here

The spirit needs to be brought to the forefront in every single one of us and it needs to be done quickly. Wouldn't you like someone to tell you how they did it?. They certainly will. They will tell you of the pitfalls. They will tell you of the heartbreak and the glory...all part of every spiritual path.

Without the spirit at the helm right now you will be in uncharted territory and aimlessly adrift in the new spiritual world. It's why everything has seemed to get so hard lately. It is to learn to turn to the spiritual side of our lives for answers and guidance. These masters will show you how.

"You don't need to impress anybody. The universe is already impressed that you are here."
-- John Harricharan

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Your Spirit Calls

Learn Emerging Spiritual Principles Such as:

  • The "Work Around"
  • How Terrorists Helped Create Peace
  • A Betrayal in Africa Becomes a Profound Spiritual Lesson
  • How a Dream of Three Monks Ignited Creativity
  • How Reducing Our Weight Can Help Create Peace
  • Meet the Writer of the 9/11 Tribute Song
  • Listen to a Prodigy of Neal Donald Walsch
  • And much more...


Listen to Bill Carter's Message
on Being Spiritually Open:

Listen - click here

"Life is.
Death is not."

-- Butch James

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You will learn the most amazing practical spiritual
concepts that work in the midst of a chaotic
new spiritual order.

How a Belief Helped a Child Walk Again
How a Secret Service Man Turned to Gospel Music
How to Create the Cloak of Invisibility
How to Connect with Those Who Have Passed On
How to Get Spirit To Come To You
How to Practice Spiritual Defense Techniques

And That's Not All...
You Get Their Best Life Lessons

Lessons with fascinating stories about how you too can use this valuable information, like the value of learning how to recognize disturbances in the field from master John Harricharan Listen - click here

"Create the definitions in your life to
create the largest destiny you can manage.
You choose the size of your destiny."

--Jon Benson

"Spiritual Illumination"

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Robert Evans

Founder of Pass Along Concepts and an enormous number of spiritual websites to empower people, Robert is a young, fresh, delightful master.

"I seek to inspire people to see greatness within themselves, to teach others to give to others. To take time, even if it's just a couple minutes a day to show people the light within them."

- Robert Evans

"Spiritual Hope"

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Mike Hill

"Mike Hill, Internet Guru

"As far as spirituality is concerned, my company name is Jansekesava which in Hindu means helping humanity so from a spiritual level we make sure that every single one of our clients or the people that we entertain talking to has the right intent. Do you have the right frame of mind when you're going to start taking on any project your doing...or anything in life? "

- Mike Hill

"The Benevolent Buddha"

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Poet, Millionaire, leader and spiritual friend, Robert Butch James is a dichotomy of his nickname, The Benevolent Buddha and a stunningly brilliant business owner of Kaleidoscope Marketing.

"The Answer is... speaks to the existence, the omnipresence of our reality of who we are. That what we are seeking has never gone anywhere, it's always here. It's here with us now. It doesn't require patience to achieve it or to experience it, it simply requires accepting what is here now. It is a transcendental presence that is a part of each and every one of us."

- Robert Butch James

"A Peace Guru"

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- Rick Beneteau of

"I think we can all make a huge difference in the world and the world needs it like no other time before. I've said many, many prayers and I fully believe that what were doing here (The Power of Spirituality Gathering) is going to make a huge... huge difference in the world."

-- Rick Beneteau

"A Great Spiritual Leader"

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John Harricharan of New World Publishing and best selling author of, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat, The PowerPause.

"The trick is not to mind. By not minding, meaning not worrying that much about it, not focusing on the negative side of the force. If one learns to do that by detachment, by meditation, half your problems are gone because you not minding them. You are directing intent, intention and
attention to the other thing."

--John Harricharan

"Intuitive Psychologist"

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Susan Apollon specializes in areas of death, dying and trauma, helping many get through the tragedy and loss of loved ones with 9/11. Because of what people have shared with her, she has researched extensively on life after life. Her book, Touched By the Extraordinary tells these miraculous stories from beyond the veil.

"The soul and the body need to be healed together. I researched the effects of consciousness and understanding how everything is energy and vibration and with that in mind it helps to know that miracles are possible. Love is a major part of that and understanding how prayer works."

--Susan Barbara Apollon

"Truth's Warrior"


Jon Benson wrote Fit Over Forty. Jon is taking on the weight of the world. Literally. His program Scaling the World is a massive effort to reduce the burden we put on ourselves and our planet through obesity. John feels it is a spiritual calling.

"People want to be awakened. They want to wake up to a law, or a power, or something they can manifest in their lives."

--Jon Benson

"America's Young Motivator"

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Speaker, Writer and Coach, Josh Hinds,

"The one thing I'm big on is persistence. Realizing that if you had to have a choice between just starting out with literally nothing, no knowledge of something and saying, Okay I can start out with nothing and just give it my all or wait until how every long it would take you to become an expert in that area, I'm telling you the person that starts with nothing and gets in, is always going to be ahead of the person who just overanalyzed the thing."

--Josh Hinds

"Spiritual Author
Healing Painter"

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Constance Eykman, Paradise, A Heartbeat Away

"When you want to heal someone, surround that someone with a safe space. Wrap your love around that person. You dont even have to say much. That other person will trust and harmonize.

That is the gift of Africa. That God is in everyone. God is in everything. God is in you. We are allowed to fully bring that out, to bring the source in us, out."

--Constance Eykman

"Reconnecting Spirits"

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Dr. Katrin Edlemann, Germany

"Maybe at the age of five or six. I desperately wanted to become a nun. I can remember one holiday in the Mediterranean area. I was praying to God and saying 'Oh please take me. I want to be of service to mankind and to you God."

--Dr. Katrin Edlemann

"Spiritual Adventurer"

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"Believing in reincarnation. I think that maybe my life had advanced far enough that when I entered this lifetime, I entered with that strong faith and association with God. It was natural to me. I didn't have to be converted or discover it. I just believed. I learned it from within my own soul and I think the only way I could've known about that and felt that way, was I was born with that belief."

Bill Carter

Picture yourself with hours and hours of sessions listening to those who have mastered the spirit.

From New Spiritual Master MIKE HILL

Listen - click here

There Are Many Pathways to the Mountaintop

"Dance to a vaster reality of joyful excitement and love where miracles are normal. And heartbeat by heartbeat and step-by-step paradise is recreated."
--Constance Eykman

These Masters Discuss Practical Spirituality You can Use Everyday

How To Ease A Child Into a Broken World
How To Get A Free Life Changing Fitness Program of The Spirit
How to Break Through Those Invisible Spiritual Barriers

"Do not get blinded by all the limitations especially our own self-made beliefs. See the bigger picture. See how everything fits together and how we influence our own lives."
--Dr. Katrin Edlemann

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"Spirituality to me is the expressions of our soul
in the work that we do each day. It's also the opportunity
to bring that out of other people."

--Robert Evans

Join the Growing Number of People Who Have Found Their
Spiritual Answers


And finally...
We all owe it to each other at this critical time
to reach our highest and best potential.
It is time for YOU to reach spiritual mastery

"These new spiritual masters are here
to help you wake up and light your spirit.
I love everyone of them.

You will too."

Your friend,

Terri Marie


Publisher of "The White Wing Report"
and The Top Spiritual Heroes of the Year

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